Alexandria Bridges

Founder / Personal Trainer

Personal Instructor in Chicago Heights

I would like to welcome everyone to “STAY ESSENTIAL FITNESS“.

My name is Alexandria (Alex) Bridges and I am the owner. I’m certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, indoor cycling(spin) instructor, as well as Zumba instructor. I am also certified in sports nutrition. I’ve had the passion for fitness as well as sports since the age of seven. I received my bachelors degree in Business Administration and use fitness as a hobby.

The love and passion that I had when teaching my fitness classes, I decided to go back to school were I received my certification for personal training. I loved how I can help and impact someone’s life. To have a person feel better about themselves. I helped to train your body and mind so that you can do better than you thought was possible. That’s where I came up with the company’s name.

Stay Essential Fitness focuses on what’s absolutely important….You!! Loving and taking care of yourself is the most important key mission here.

We do that by helping you achieve your goals from nutrition to training. We also offer online training if out of state as well as face-to-face training.

As far as nutrition, we got you covered. Kanesha is a head chef from Kanesha Katering where she can help you on meal prepping package, juicers, and a lot more. To contact us for any question or send a message on Facebook page at Stay Essential Fitness. Have a blessed day and see you real soon!!!


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Achieving good health and fitness doesn’t happen overnight. Similarly, it doesn’t happen without a steadfast commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise. Thankfully, good health and wellness is possible with the right guidance and support.