Strength & Conditioning Classes

Full Body Burn Workout, AB/Core class or Glutes & Butts


We train our members like they’re individual members of the Stay Essential Fitness. Each superhero has a unique superpower. Our job is to create and coach each of our members through their fitness quest with a unique program that will elevate them to the next level and unlock their own superpower!

  1. Meet Your Guide – This is a no hassle meet up with one of our coaches to deep dive into how we can best help you.
  2. Assessment Session – We will break down your body metrics, go over your nutrition and analyze your movement to get a better picture of how to create your program.
  3. Attain Your Custom Program – Once we have all our basic stats our coaches will develop a program catered to your own goals. The workouts will be delivered through an App for ease of use and communication with your coach.
  4. Begin Your Quest – You train according to your schedule. You will not be confined to a group class schedule. Assistant coaches will be available during a majority of the training day to help you. You will still have access to our group classes for additional stat boosts!
  5. Follow Up – Most clients begin training 4, 3, or 2 sessions per week. We work together until you reach your initial goals, then transition to a maintenance program.Our goal is to develop lifetime relationships with our clients.If you need more help, we’re always here for you!

Full Body Burn Workout (30 minutes session)

ABS/Core Class  (30 minutes session)

Glutes & Butts (45 minutes session)